Needs a bit of polish…

Once again, it’s another wet Monday afternoon. It’s lunchtime and I’m sitting at my desk listening to Guy Garvey sit in for Cerys on the iplayer. There’s a fly buzzing around the desk which is really irritating me. I’m probably going to go mental and embarrass myself in a minute trying to kill it.

This week’s fieldnotes start last Thursday. It was the Girl’s 1st birthday, and I took the day off to help Mrs A prepare and host a low-key party.

What a ducking great cake

The Girl's Birthday Cake (with plastic ducks & dodgy white balance)

We had three cousins and 8 adults round for tea and cake. The Girl put on an amazing grumpy face when we were singing to her, and the Boy ran around bossing his cousins.

Back to work on Friday. Quite a good day, we took delivery of a great prototype (which we’d started work on at the end of August). It’s looking very good, and if we actually build something as good as or better than that then we’ll have something really worth talking about.

Saturday morning was spent in Lisburn shopping (I got a new shirt), then we went to the Lagan Valley Island for a short walk before going home for lunch. Interestingly, as a child I used to run around one of the mills that sat on this spot. My grandfather ran a business from the one on the County Antrim side of the river. It was very exciting to play in what was probably a very unsafe environment (I remember jumping over holes in the floor which had a three storey drop below).

Lagan towpath at Lisburn

The Lagan at Lisburn (and more dodgy white balance)

We went to the Jharna for a curry with all of Mrs A’s siblings and their significant others. A really great night, lovely food and good craic. It’s been a long time since we were out later than 11pm, but now that the youngest is one we can start living again.

Sunday morning at Church, then lasagne for lunch. Grass cutting (maybe the last of the year?) and hoovering in the afternoon, then out again to Church for Fellowship Group. The weekend ended with Mission Impossible III (again).

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